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The premier source of tooling, parts, and accessories for bench top machinists.
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Products > Replacement Parts > Mini Mill (X2)

Replacement parts for mini mills

You can find replacement parts by manufacturer part number on the Product Search page, or you can see all the parts for a particular machine on the Replacement Parts by Model page.

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Gear, 2-Speed Intermediate Shaft
1207 Gear, 2-Speed Intermediate Shaft    
Gear, 2-Speed Intermediate Shaft, Metal
3451 Gear, 2-Speed Intermediate Shaft, Metal    
Gear, 2-Speed Spindle
1210 Gear, 2-Speed Spindle    
Gear, 2-Speed Spindle, Metal
3453 Gear, 2-Speed Spindle, Metal    
Gear, Intermediate
1209 Gear, Intermediate    
Gear, Intermediate, Metal
3452 Gear, Intermediate, Metal    
Gear, Motor
1129 Gear, Motor    
Gear, Spindle (1)
1402 Gear, Spindle (1)    
Gear, Spindle (2)
1400 Gear, Spindle (2)    
Gear, Spindle 1, Metal
3457 Gear, Spindle 1, Metal    
Gear, Spindle 2, Metal
3456 Gear, Spindle 2, Metal    
Gear, Worm
1491 Gear, Worm    
Gib, Base
1122 Gib, Base    
Gib, Spindle
1124 Gib, Spindle    
Gib, X-axis
1120 Gib, X-axis    
Gib, Y-axis
1119 Gib, Y-axis    
Gib, Z-Axis Stop
1500 Gib, Z-Axis Stop    
Hand Wheel, Mini Mill
1488 Hand Wheel, Mini Mill    
1347 Handle    
Housing, Spindle
1487 Housing, Spindle    
Housing, Z-Axis Fine Feed
1509 Housing, Z-Axis Fine Feed    
Indicator, Position
1484 Indicator, Position    
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