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Products > Lathe > 7x10/12/14 Mini Lathe (C2/C3) Accessories

Steady rests, milling attachments, faceplates, and other accessories for 7-inch mini lathes

This list shows only products that are specific to C2 and C3 lathes. For products that work with many different lathes, such as live centers, see Lathe > Tooling.

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P/N Description Price  
4607 Accessory Package, 3" Spindle Flange Mini Lathe
Separate  $427.41
Value $369.27
Not in stock
5371 Accessory Package, 4" Spindle Flange, Mini Lathe
Separate  $415.38
Value $369.27
Not in stock
1692 Adapter, 4" Lathe Chuck $21.63
2426 Adapter, 4" Lathe Chuck $21.63
Not in stock
2347 Adapter, 5" Lathe Chuck $31.18
Not in stock
2358 Adapter, 5" Lathe Chuck $31.18
Not in stock
1700 Boring Bar Holder, 1/2" $11.16
5135 Bullseye Lathe Tool Height Setter $9.95
4187 Bushing, Tailstock, Mini Lathe $5.95
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