DVD: Mini Lathe Advanced Operations, Vol. 1 4440  (Discontinued)Made in United States

DVD: Mini Lathe Advanced Operations, Vol. 1
  • Featuring the HiTorque 7x12 Mini Lathe
  • Skills shown are applicable to any lathe
  • Learn turning, threading, knurling plus other skills.
Part Number: 4440  (Discontinued)
Weight: 0.15 lb

Price: $39.00

In this first of two DVDs, you learn how to knurl, cut external threads using a die along with a special tailstock die adapter. Following that, you prepare a very rough piece of aluminum and proceed to machine it to a very precise diameter by turning between centers, resulting in a finished 6 inch mirror-like rod featuring no more than one thousandth’s of an inch of taper along its full length.

Learn how to do single point internal threading and how to center work in a Four Jaw Chuck using a Dial Indicator to achieve less than 1/2 of a thousandth runout.

The second DVD in this set will be available Real Soon Now.