Tool Post Grinder, C6 Lathe 

Tool Post Grinder, C6 Lathe
  • Tool post grinder for C6 lathes
  • For SIEG C6 and SC6 lathes
  • For Grizzly G0516 lathe
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This tool post grinder includes a mounting bracket to fit the C4 and SC4 lathe. To install it, simply replace the compound rest. The bottom of the mounting foot is approximately 50 mm (2") below the center line of the grinding wheel.

With a powerful 150 watts, 120V, 60 Hz. motor, this grinder can handle even the toughest tasks with ease.

This tool post grinder operates at a speedy 6,000 rpm, ensuring efficient and accurate grinding every time. It comes with two grinding wheels - a 60 grit and 80 grit - as well as tools needed to change them.

The compact design measures only 8" tall, 9" long, and 3.5" thick, making it easy to store and transport.

"Tool Post Grinder Accessories
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Mounting Block, Tool Post Grinder Mounting Block, Tool Post Grinder, P/N 3397 1
Tool Post Grinder, Mini Lathe Tool Post Grinder, Mini Lathe, P/N 2001 1


This product works with these products:

This product works with the following lathes. (If your machine is not on this list, we cannot verify compatibility.)

  •   Grizzly G0516 10x21 Lathe Mill Combo