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Machinery's Handbook 30th Edition, Toolbox Size

         Made in United States
Machinery's Handbook 30th Edition, Toolbox Size
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  • Machinery's Handbook 30thEdition - Toolbox
  • By Erik Oberg, Franklin Jones, Holbrook Horton, Henry Ryffel, Christopher McCauley
  • 2896 pages, hardcover, 5" x 7"
  • ISBN 978-0-8311-3091-6
  • Copyright 2016


Machinery's Handbook has been in continuous publication with frequent comprehensive revisions for more than a century. Released in March of 2016, we proudly offer Machinery's Handbook 30th Edition - Toolbox. The edition's growth exceeds 90 pages. It offers major revisions as well as all-new material on a variety of topics. The Toolbox Edition employs our standard type size. We also offer a Large Print Edition that is easier to read yet fits the same pagination as Toolbox Edition. Here's a summary of new content:

*Expanded metrology section, including v-blocks and micrometer, vernier, and dial calipers.

*New fluid power section covering pneumatic,hydraulic, and vacuum theory and applications.

*New powder metallurgy section, including additive manufacturing.

*Even more useful specs, including tap drill sizes for Unified threads, reaming allowances for drilling, mesh and grit sizes, rules for figuring tapers, and assembly with pins and studs.

*Recently added information on sheet metal and presses, keys and keyways, shaft alignment, taps and tapping, helical coil screw thread inserts, metric screw threads, miniature screws, fluid mechanics, solid geometry, statistics, calculating hole coordinates and thread dimensions, and distinguishing between bolts and screws.

Numerous sections in the Machinery's Handbook 30th Edition have been thoroughly refreshed, reworked or renovated, including

* Mathematics

* Mechanics and Strength of Materials

* Properties of Materials

* Dimensioning

* Gaging and Measuring

* Machining Operations

* Manufacturing Process

* Fasteners

* Threads and Threading

* Machine Elements

Metric content has been dramatically expanded. Wherever practical, metric units are listed adjacent to customary U.S. units. And, many formulas now offer equivalent metric expressions. Frequent metric examples have been added.

As our long-time customers attest, Machinery's Handbook is the world's most popular reference work in metalworking, design, engineering and manufacturing facilities. It is in broad use in technical schools and colleges throughout the world. It is universally acknowledged as an extraordinary authoritative, comprehensive and practical tool, providing users with the most fundamental and essential aspects of sophisticated manufacturing practices. The 30th Edition of the "Bible of the Metalworking Industries" is the essential reference for Mechanical, Manufacturing, and Industrial Engineers, Designers, Draftsmen, Toolmakers, Machinists, Engineering and Technology Students, and the serious Home Hobbyist.


License and Limited Warranty Agreement


Table of Contents


Mathematics Numbers, Fractions, and Decimals; Algebra and Equations; Geometry; Solution of Triangles; Matrices; Manufacturing Data Analysis; Engineering Economics

Mechanics and Strength of Materials Mechanics; Velocity, Acceleration, Work, and Energy; Strength of Materials; Properties of Bodies; Beams; Columns; Plates, Shells, and Cylinders; Shafts; Springs; Disc Springs; Fluid Mechanics

Properties, Treatment, and Testing of Materials The Elements, Heat, Mass, and Weight; Properties of Wood, Ceramics, Plastics, Metals; Standard Steels; Tool Steels; Hardening, Tempering, and Annealing; Nonferrous Alloys; Plastics

Dimensioning, Gaging, and Measuring Drafting Practices; Allowances and Tolerances for Fits; Measuring, Instruments, and Inspection Methods; Surface Texture

Tooling and Toolmaking Cutting Tools; Cemented Carbides; Forming Tools; Milling Cutters; Reamers; Twist Drills and Counterbores; Taps; Standard Tapers; Arbors, Chucks, and Spindles; Broaches and Broaching; Files and Burs; Knurls and Knurling; Tool Wear and Sharpening

Machining Operations Cutting Speeds and Feeds; Speed and Feed Tables; Estimating Speeds and Machining Power; Micromachining; Machining Econometrics; Screw Machines, Band Saws, Cutting Fluids; Machining Nonferrous Metals and Non-Metallic Materials; Grinding Feeds and Speeds; Grinding and Other Abrasive Processes; CNC Numerical Control Programming

Manufacturing Processes Sheet Metal Working and Presses; Electrical Discharge Machining; Iron and Steel Castings; Soldering and Brazing; Welding; Lasers; Finishing Operations

Fasteners Torque and Tension in Fasteners; Inch Threaded Fasteners; Metric Threaded Fasteners; Helical Coil Screw Thread Inserts; British Fasteners; Machine Screws and Nuts; Cap and Set Screws; Self-Threading Screws; T-Slots, Bolts, and Nuts; Rivets and Riveted Joints; Pins and Studs; Retaining Rings; Wing Nuts, Wing Screws, and Thumb Screws; Nails, Spikes, and Wood Screws

Threads and Threading Screw Thread Systems; Unified Screw Threads; Calculating Thread Dimensions; Metric Screw Threads; Acme Screw Threads; Buttress Threads; Whitworth Threads; Pipe and Hose Threads; Other Threads; Measuring Screw Threads; Tapping and Thread Cutting; Thread Rolling; Thread Grinding; Thread Milling; Simple, Compound, Differential, and Block Indexing

Gears, Splines, and Cams Gears and Gearing; Hypoid and Bevel Gearing; Worm Gearing; Helical Gearing; Other Gear Types; Checking Gear Sizes; Gear Materials; Splines and Serrations; Cams and Cam Design

Machine Elements Plain Bearings; Ball, Roller, and Needle Bearings; Lubrication; Couplings, Clutches, Brakes; Keys and Keyseats; Flexible Belts and Sheaves; Transmission Chains; Ball and Acme Leadscrews; Electric Motors; Adhesives and Sealants; O-Rings; Rolled Steel, Wire, Sheet-Metal, Wire Rope; Shaft Alignment

Measuring Units Symbols and Abbreviations; Measuring Units; U.S. System and Metric System Conversions




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