DVD: Building a Spindle Gauge for the Mini Lathe 2193  (Discontinued)Made in United States

DVD: Building a Spindle Gauge for the Mini Lathe
Part Number: 2193  (Discontinued)
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Price: $33.00

This video, by Jose Rodriguez, provides a 2 hour study on how to build a spindle gauge to check the size of adapters and other accessories you make to fit the spindle of your lathe.

Jose says: "Make all the spindle accessories you will need for your lathe with a simple, easy to make spindle gauge. This tape will take you through a full two hour, detailed demonstration on how to make a precision spindle gauge directly on your 7 x 10 that you can then use to machine matching spindle tooling not presently available for this lathe. All this without having to remove the chuck! You will need to remove it only once in the beginning to take two initial micrometer measurements for the diameter and thickness of the mounting back plate / flange. The author has adapted a four jaw chuck for it, has made a slotted face plate, a driving catch plate and dog clamp and is presently working on a collet chuck with frontal collet closer that will directly mount to the spindle. A must have for those wishing they could have more spindle tooling than just the three jaw chuck the lathe comes equipped with!"