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DVD: Build a Milling Machine 2365  (Discontinued)

         Made in United States
DVD: Build a Milling Machine
Part Number: 2365  (Discontinued)
Weight: 0.37 lb

Price: $70.00

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This DVD, by Jose Rodriguez, provides complete instructions for building a milling machine.

Jose says: "In this nearly 12 hour long video marathon, you will witness the seemingly impossible! Observe the author as he builds a fully operating and capable 80 pound variable speed milling machine with existing TAIG Micro lathe components and readily available stock aluminum material. A commercial heavy duty X & Y milling table is utilized to complete the project. This is definitively not a "TOY" but a complete milling center that will outperform just about anything in its class. For a total expenditure of less than $300. You too could have a tool that will perform better than milling machines costing more than twice as much. This video will take you through every step from its initial conception and planning to and beyond its very successful conclusion in painstaking detail so that you too will be able to easily duplicate this achievement! As an extra bonus, you will be treated to a fully narrative and visual step by step presentation on the building of a 60:1 geared dividing head that with the addition of a simple shop made indexing accessory will allow it to divide anything into as many as 21,600 equal divisions and for that matter, any other number divisible into that. You will also learn how to easily cut perfectly fitting dovetailed sliding joints with the simplest of equipment. These two items alone would be worth the price of this video set. See how to produce a professional quality engraved dial with nothing more than a small lathe ( TAIG ). You will see each component being worked, fitted and assembled as the unit is magically transformed more and more into a "REAL" milling machine. The final two hours or so will be devoted to a full battery of milling operations performed on real components that make up part of the geared dividing head including other milling goodies. During the filming of the final milling tests, cuts were routinely taken on 6061-T6 alloy to depths of over 90 thou with a common imported 1/4" diameter four flute end mill. We do not recommend that you routinely cut to those depths but it sure is nice to be able to so when needed.

This a definite "MUST" for anyone who has grown tired of using alternative milling methods but either is not ready to invest the big bucks for a commercially available bench top milling machine or simply not satisfied with what’s presently available out there.

Chris' Tips

Chris Chris' Tips

Table dimensions 5-1/2" x 12" with two "T" slots.
"T" slot is 1" wide and stud size is 5/8"
X axis travel is 9".
Y axis travel is 5".
Z axis travel is 8" from highest position to the surface of the milling table.
Lead screw to spindle center distance 5". Adjustable X and Y table stops.
No more than .005" backlash on all three axes.
Head stock locks to prevent possibility of downward drift during heavy cuts.
Re-zero type dials on the X and Y movements.
Heavy duty TAIG spindle and dovetailed head stock with provision for collets either proprietary or WW.
½" drilling capacity.
End mill capacity with Taig Blank arbor holder is ½".
Fly cutter capacity is 2-1/2" diameter.
All slides graduated to .001"
Variable speed permanent magnet DC motor with controller, 500 to 1500 rpm.
Six step machined pulley system giving step less, overlapping, no load speed ranges of 145 to 4900 rpm.
Full array of milling accessories available. Spindle accessories mount directly to the threaded 3/4-16 spindle or insert into the tapered spindle bore and are locked with a draw bar."


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