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Edge and Center Finder, 1/2" Shank Laser

         Made in United States
Edge and Center Finder, 1/2" Shank Laser
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  • 1/2" shank fits collets and end mill holders
  • 3.375" overall length
  • Uses common SR44 batteries (included)
  • Accuracy to 0.001"
  • Includes polarizing attachment to adjust dot size


The Laser Center/Edge Finderâ„¢ is a new tool for your mill that saves setup time. It eliminates the frustrations and doubts of using the century-old indirect method with a conventional edge finder or wiggler.

The Laser Center/Edge Finder projects a fine laser beam that directly indicates the edge of the workpiece. Move the beam to the edge of the work and set your dial to zero. It is that easy. No more calculating half the diameter of the edge finder.

You can also use the Laser Center/Edge Finder to locate scribed or center-punched locations. Simply move the laser beam to the location on the workpiece and the spindle is aligned.

The Laser Center/Edge Finder is easy to align so you can be sure it is always accurate.

The batteries last for over 3 hours of continuous operation. That's 6 months to a year of normal use.

Chris' Tips

Chris Chris' Tips
The Laser Center/Edge Finder™ not as accurate as a mechanical edge finder. But it is a whole lot more convenient to use. So don't think of it as a replacement, but as an additional tool for those times where 1/2 thou accuracy is not required. The laser edge finder will get you within about 0.002"

And in some applications, like finding the intersection of scribed lines, I can't think of many tools that are more accurate.

New! Improved! In mid-2007, the Laser Center/Edge Finder was redesigned in some significant ways:

It now has a more powerful laser module. In addition, the Laser Center/Edge Finder now includes a polarizing attachment, which used to be sold separately. With this combination, it is usable from 1" to 12" from the work surface. Rotate the polarizing attachment to adjust the dot size to as fine a dot as you like.

How fine a dot can you make? As fine as frog's hair (so fine you can't see it). To obtain the smallest dot size for your most precision work, try coating the material with Blue Dykem.  This coating will absorb a bit of the laser dot making it appear smaller.

Don't order a laser edge and center finder if you live in Finland. We cannot ship laser devices to Finland.

Tip: If you need batteries for one of our Laser Edge and Center Finders, don't waste money on silver oxide batteries. Testing has shown that they work just as long on alkaline batteries.

Besides our uses for finding edges, finding centers, and aligning things, these Laser Center/Edge Finder are used for a variety of industrial uses. A Laser Center/Edge Finder is shipped with each Flow International waterjet cutting machine. They are used by Boeing to assemble wings for 737 jetliners. They are used to test the main engine exhaust on the Space Shuttle. And the GM Crash Div uses them to set up crash tests. These are examples of the over 500 commercial and industrial customers that have purchased Laser Center/Edge Finders.



This product works with these products:

This product works with the following mills. (If your machine is not on this list, check with us before ordering.)

  •   Grizzly G0463 Mill/Drill
  •   Harbor Freight 93885 Central Machinery Mill/Drill
  •   SIEG X3 Small Mill
  •   Woodstock International M1110 Shop Fox Small Mill
  •   BusyBee CX611 Craftex Small Mill
  •   Grizzly G0619 Mill/Drill
  •   SIEG SX3 Small Mill
  •   Travers Tools OT2225SX3 OTMT Small Mill
  •   Grizzly G0704 Mill/Drill With Stand
  •   Grizzly G0759 Mill/Drill With Stand
  •   Grizzly G3102 Vertical Mill
  •   Grizzly G3103 Vertical Mill
  •   Harbor Freight 42976 Central Machinery Mill/Drill
  •   SIEG X3.5 Large Bench Mill
  • 6700 HiTorque Large Bench Mill
  • 6750 HiTorque Large Bench Mill
  •   Grizzly G0720 Bench Mill
  •   Grizzly G0720R Bench Mill
  •   Grizzly G0722 Bench Mill
  •   SIEG SX4 Bench Mill
  •   Harbor Freight 33686 Central Machinery Small Mill
  •   Rong Fu RF-xx Milling & Drilling Machine


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