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DVD: Milling, Flycutting & Dovetailing

         Made in United States
DVD: Milling, Flycutting & Dovetailing
Part Number: 2884
Weight: 0.20 lb

Price: $24.95

In stock
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Mini-Machines 101: Mini Mill Basics, Milling, Flycutting & Dovetailing by SwarfRat Enterprises, LLC.

This video will help you make clean and precise cuts on your workpiece.

Some of the topics on this video include: Conventional vs. climb milling and the uses of each; End mills, special cutters and nomenclature; Different methods for setting the Z-axis starting point for accurate machining; Squaring the workpiece and strategies for holding un-square stock; Finishing, deburring and breaking corners; Using single-point flycutters to create flawless finishes, Deburring and setting up workpieces for close-tolerance breaking of corners and chamfering; Milling deep features; Setting up and cutting dovetails; Finding the center of a hole or bore using a test indicator and using a co-axial indicator.

Also included is a short section on general shop safety.

Running time: Approx. 68 minutes.


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