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Automated Machines and Toolmaking 3128  (Discontinued)

         Made in United States
Automated Machines and Toolmaking
Part Number: 3128  (Discontinued)
Weight: 1.22 lb

Price: $32.95

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  • Audel Automated Machines and Toolmaking, All New 5th Edition
  • By Rex Miller and Mark Richard Miller
  • 481 pages, softcover, 5½" x 8½"
  • ISBN 978-0-7645-5528-2
  • Copyright 2004


Here, fully updated to include new machines and electronic and digital controls, is the ultimate guide to automated machines and toolmaking. Whether you’re a professional machinist, an apprentice, or a trade student, this fully illustrated volume helps you work with metal–safely, precisely, efficiently–using today’s tools and techniques. It’s packed with review questions for students, and loaded with answers you need on the job.

Understand automated machine fundamentals and work with jigs and fixtures

Learn the basics of spiral and helix milling, gear cutting, and cam machining

Discover how to cut, punch, or shape a die with minimum waste

Master the operations of today’s grinders and lapping machines

Find out all about toolmaking, from allowances and tolerances to layouts and master plates

Follow the clear, step-by-step illustrations to gain a hands-on knowledge of techniques and procedures



About the Authors


Chapter 1: Jigs and Fixtures Jigs; Fixtures; Summary; Review Questions

Chapter 2: Helix and Spiral Calculations Milling a Helix; Change Gears; Milling a Spiral; Summary; Review Questions

Chapter 3: Spur Gear Computations Evolution of Gears; Gear Teeth; Summary; Review Questions

Chapter 4: Gears and Gear Cutting Development of Gear Teeth; Gear-Cutting Operations; Summary; Review Questions

Chapter 5: Cams and Cam Design Cam Principles; Cam Design; How to Machine Cams; Summary; Review Questions

Chapter 6: Dies and Diemaking Cutting or Punching Dies; Shaping Dies; Combination Punching and Shaping Dies; Diemaking Operations; Summary; Review Questions

Chapter 7: Grinding Cylindrical Grinders; Centerless Grinders; Internal Grinding; Surface Grinders; Cutter and Tool Grinding; Barrel Finishing (Abrasive Tumbling); Summary; Review Questions

Chapter 8: Laps and Lapping Laps; Lapping Operations; Honing; Summary; Review Questions

Chapter 9: Toolmaking Operations Introduction; Allowances and Tolerances; Layout; Summary; Review Questions

Chapter 10: Heat-Treating Furnaces Classification; Types of Furnaces; Controlled Atmosphere; Controlled-Atmosphere Furnaces; Temperature Control of Heat-Treating Furnaces; Summary; Review Questions

Chapter 11: Annealing, Hardening, and Tempering Annealing; Hardening; Tempering; Summary; Review Questions

Chapter 12: Principles of Induction Heating Adjustable Induction Heating Coil; Summary; Review Questions

Chapter 13: High-Frequency Induction Heating Producing Heat by Resistance; Heating Units; High-Frequency Applications; Summary; Review Questions

Chapter 14: Furnace Brazing Basic Process; Holding Assemblies Together; Laying and Pressing Parts Together; Summary; Review Questions

Chapter 15: Cold-Treating Process Fundamental Principle of Cold Treating; Cold-Treating Procedures; Subzero Chilling; Summary; Review Questions

Chapter 16: Automatic Lathes Automatic Turret Lathes; Automatic Threading Lathes; Summary; Review Questions

Chapter 17: The Automatic Screw Machine Classification; Operating Principles; Selection and Use of Tools; Setting Up an Automatic Screw Machine; Dial-Controlled Machines; Summary; Review Questions

Chapter 18: Automated Machine Tools Basic Principles of Numerical Control; Preparation for Numerical Control; Electronic Control of Machine Tools; Transducers; Summary; Review Questions

Chapter 19: Computerized Machining Numerical Controls; Computer-Operated Machine Tools; CNC Components and Control System; Positioning Formats; Advantages of CNC over NC; CNC Programming; Machining Centers; CAD/CAM; Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM); Summary; Review Questions

Appendix: Reference Materials Colors and Approximate Temperatures for Carbon Steel; Nominal Dimensions of Hex Bolts and Hex Cap Screws; Nomninal Dimensions of Heavy Hex Bolts and Heavy Hex Cap Screws; Nominal Dimensions of Heavy Hex Structural Bolts; Nominal Dimensions of Hex Nuts, Hex Thick Nuts, and Hex Jam Nuts; Nominal Dimensions of Square-Head Bolts; Nominal Dimensions of Heavy Hex Nuts and Heavy Hex Jam Nuts; Nominal Dimensions of Square Nuts and Heavy Square Nuts; Nominal Dimensions of Lag Screws



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