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Dial Test Indicator, 0-5-0 x 0.0001", Dovetail Mount, Starrett

         Made in United States
Dial Test Indicator, 0-5-0 x 0.0001", Dovetail Mount, Starrett
Part Number: 3548
Weight: 0.20 lb

Price: $332.00

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  • Starrett dial test indicator with dovetail mount
  • Starrett catalog number 708AZ
  • Dial test indicator with 0.0001" graduations
  • Range is 0.010"


These precision test indicators were designed to be positioned for easy and accurate readability. The versatility of the angled head, combined with the three dovetail mounts eliminates the need for having both vertical and horizontal style test indicators. These are the features that make this series of test indicators superior to ordinary types.

Angled head for better reading position

Large 1 3/8" (35mm) dial diameter

Precision gear-driven design with smooth, jeweled movement

Meet or exceed ISO accuracy specification

For extreme accuracy we recommend positioning the lever contact so that it is approximately 15° from being horizontal with the workpiece.

Three dovetail positioning mounts work with existing test indicator accessories

Inch reading indicators are available with easy-to-read, shaded white, solid red, or solid black dials - millimeter reading indicators with solid yellow dials

Contact point reverses automatically, always maintaining clockwise hand rotation

Narrow body for inreach ability

Satin chrome finish for durability

Long carbide contacts 13/16" (20mm) are furnished as standard.

Contacts are frictionally adjustable and replaceable

Chris' Tips

Chris Chris' Tips
At rest, an indicator’s needle points at a random position, usually in the 10 o’clock range. This is completely normal, as the needle’s position at rest is irrelevant to the use of an indicator.

An indicator is only useful when the tip is bearing against a surface to be measured. The action of pressing the tip against the surface moves the needle, also to some random position. But this position is relevant; turn the bezel so that the needle is pointing at zero. Now you can make measurements, both positive and negative, relative to the starting position.

Warning Icon WARNING: This product can expose you to lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm. For more information go to


"Starrett Dial Test Indicator Indicator Side View
"Starrett Dial Test Indicator Indicator in Case
"Starrett Dial Test Indicator Indicator Face


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