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DVD: Grinding Tool Bits and 1/4" Tool Bits

DVD: Grinding Tool Bits and 1/4" Tool Bits
Part Number: 3962
Weight: 0.65 lb

Price: $42.90

In stock
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  • Lathe Tool Sharpening DVD
  • 10 Lathe tool bits, 1/4" Square 2-1/2" Long M2 HSS


This DVD video, by Jose Rodriguez, provides an hour and a half instruction on sharpening lathe cutting tools and other grinding tasks.

Learn how to create perfect lathe cutting tools from high speed steel tool bit blanks with a bench-top grinder. Create perfect left or right hand lathe cutting tools for brass, aluminum and steel. Produce a 60 degree threading tool that is as good as any commercially available threading tool bit. Learn how to prepare a parting tool for optimum results. Watch Jose as he revives an old jobber-length drill bit to give it a new lease on life. Put a new edge on worn two flute end mills and get many more hours of work out of them. Regrind screw driver tips to keep them from slipping off screw heads.

Grinding is an art that can take months or years to fully master but with the right grinder and a bit of patience, you will be able to produce perfect results right in your shop.


This product contains the following items:
  P/N Description Quantity
DVD: Grinding Tool Bits and Other Things 2396 DVD: Grinding Tool Bits and Other Things 1
Tool Bit, 1/4" x 2-1/2", M2 HSS 1155 Tool Bit, 1/4" x 2-1/2", M2 HSS 10


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