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Mini Lathe Deluxe DRO Kit

Mini Lathe Deluxe DRO Kit
Part Number: 4293
Weight: 7.06 lb

Price: $344.87

In stock

The price above includes $24.92 tariff surcharge.
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  • Digital Readouts for cross slide and compound rest
  • Metal hand wheels and chrome levers
  • All metal change gears


This digital readout kit will equip your mini lathe with digital readouts on the cross slide and compound rest. The attractive hand wheels are all metal, and the levers are chrome. All the good-looking change gears are metal.

This DRO kit works on any 7x10, 7x12, 7x14, or 7x16 lathe made by SIEG, which includes virtually all the mini lathes sold in the US and most of the mini lathes sold world-wide.

The DRO mounts right on the cross slide and compound rest to give you accurate depth-of-cut readings. The resolution is 0.0001", the accuracy is 0.001". There are buttons for On/Off, Zero, and Inch/MM.


This product contains the following items:
  P/N Description Quantity
Change Gear Set, Metal 3938 Change Gear Set, Metal 1
Digital Position Readout, 2-Axis Mini Lathe 5675 Digital Position Readout, 2-Axis Mini Lathe 1
Knob and Hand Wheel Kit, Mini Lathe 3937 Knob and Hand Wheel Kit, Mini Lathe 1



This product works with the following lathes:

  •   Harbor Freight 33684 Central Machinery 7x10 Mini Lathe
  •   Harbor Freight 93212 Central Machinery 7x10 Mini Lathe
  •   Bolton CQ9318 7x12 Mini Lathe
  •   Busy Bee Tools CX704 Craftex 7x12 Mini Lathe
  •   Cummins (Tools Now) 5278 7x12 Mini Lathe
  •   Grizzly G8688 7x12 Mini Metal Lathe
  •   Harbor Freight 93799 Central Machinery 7x12 Mini Lathe
  •   Homier 03911 Speedway 7x12 Mini Bench Metal Lathe
  •   SIEG C2 7x12 Mini Lathe
  •   Tormach 30689 7x12 Duality Lathe
  •   Warco 3004 7x12 Mini Lathe (Metric)
  •   Warco 3005 7x12 Mini Lathe (Imperial)
  •   Micro-Mark 82500 MicroLux 7x12 Mini Lathe
  • 4200 HiTorque 7x12 Deluxe Mini Lathe
  • 4100 HiTorque 7x12 Mini Lathe
  •   Micro-Mark 82710 MicroLux 7x14 Mini Lathe
  • C3 SIEG 7x14 Mini Lathe
  •   Micro-Mark 84631 MicroLux 7x16 Mini Lathe
  • 5200 HiTorque 7x16 Mini Lathe
  • 5100 HiTorque 7x16 Mini Lathe
  •   SIEG C3 7x14 Mini Lathe


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