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Products > Collets and Chucks > ER Collets      

Collets, ER-20 Individual Sizes

Collets, ER-20 Individual Sizes    
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  • Hardened and ground to close tolerance
  • Made of high grade tool steel
  • Major diameter 21 mm (0.83")
  • Length 31.5 mm (1.24")
  • Clamping range 1—13 mm (0.039—0.512")
P/N Description Price
4620 Collet, ER-20, 1/16" $12.49 Qty. 
4621 Collet, ER-20, 3/32" $12.49 Qty. 
2443 Collet, ER-20, 1/8" $12.49 Qty. 
4622 Collet, ER-20, 3/16" $12.49 Qty. 
4623 Collet, ER-20, 7/32" $12.49 Qty. 
2444 Collet, ER-20, 1/4" $12.49 Qty. 
4624 Collet, ER-20, 5/16" $12.49 Qty. 
4625 Collet, ER-20, 11/32" $12.49 Qty. 
2445 Collet, ER-20, 3/8" $12.49 Qty. 
4626 Collet, ER-20, 13/32" $12.49 Qty. 
4627 Collet, ER-20, 7/16" $12.49 Qty. 
4628 Collet, ER-20, 1/2" $12.49 Qty. 


ER-20 collets are 21 mm (0.83") maximum diameter and 31.5 mm (1.24") long. They have a clamping range of 1—13 mm (0.039—0.512").

ER collets are made from high grade tool steel, hardened and ground to close tolerance. Kerf cuts allow the collet to expand and contract as needed within the specific clamping range to securely hold the tool or workpiece.

Chris' Tips

Chris Chris' Tips
This shows the sizes of all the ER collets we carry.

With all ER collet chucks, the collet must be snapped into the nut before placing it into the chuck. There is an eccentric ring inside the nut that engages the groove in the collet. That is what makes them self-ejecting. Tilt the collet again to remove it from the nut.


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