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Metalworking - Doing It Better

         Made in United States
Metalworking - Doing It Better
Part Number: 4983
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  • Metalworking - Doing It Better: Machining, Welding, Fabricating
  • By Tom Lipton
  • 344 pages, paperback, 8½" x 11"
  • ISBN 978-0-8311-3476-1
  • Copyright 2014


This is a wonderful book for both novice and experienced metalworkers. It is aimed towards those doing work in small shops and enthusiasts taking on small projects in their garage, yard, or basement.

This book covers hundreds of tried-and-true techniques with color photos throughout. The wide range of topics include specific trade skills, manual and CNC lathe and mill operations, welding flame straightening, sheet metal, sanding, grinding and abrading.


Chapter 1 Diving In Welcome to Doing It Better; Personal Learning Attitude; Shop Environment; What’s a Journeyman Anyway?; Thursday Nights; Format
Chapter 2 Brain Food Communication; Drawing and Sketch; Minimizing Screw-Ups; Accuracy; Speed; Shop Math; Mass, Volume, and Area; Angles and Shop Trigonometry; The Metric System; Computers and the Metalworker; Dumb and Dumber; Want to Make a Million Dollars?
Chapter 3 Bean Counters Lounge Engineers and Metalworkers; Shop Talk; Dimensioning; Other Tips
Chapter 4 Setting Up Your Shop Floors; Light; Food Areas; Heating and Cooling; Workbenches and Tables; Air Supply; Raw Material Storage and Handling; Material Identification and Characteristics; Safety Equipment; Tool Crib; Bench Work; Filing; Saws and Sawing; Rigging and Lifting
Chapter 5 Manual Lathe Learning to Love the Lathe; Getting Started with the Manual Lathe; Step Turning; Threading in the Manual Lathe; Multiple Start Threads
Chapter 6 Manual Milling Machine Bridgeport Mills; Suggested Improvements; Spherical Surface Generation
Chapter 7 CNC Mill Working with CNC Equipment; CNC Mill
Chapter 8 CNC Lathe CNC Lathe Programming; CNC Lathe Part Making
Chapter 9 The Welding Shop Getting Started; Layout Work; Some of My Favorite Hand Tools; Welding Tables; Brake Bumping
Chapter 10 The Lost Art of Flame Straightening Limitations; How Flame Straightening Works; Heat Input; Mapping; Applying the Correction; Straightening Shafts and Tubes; Special Applications of Heat Shrinking; Correcting Weldments
Chapter 11 Sheet Metal Shop Layout Work; Blank Length Calculations; Patterns; The “Yank” Method; Forming and Layout of Cones; Tanks and Baffles
Chapter 12 The Abrasion Department Sanding, Grinding, and Abrading; The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly; Radius Grinding
Chapter 13 The Junk Drawer Miscellaneous Tricks Without a Home; Ideas for the Shop Floor
Closing Thoughts
Appendix A: Squaring Blocks without a Tool Change
Appendix B: Recommended Reading List


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