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Vise, 3" CNC Mill

Vise, 3" CNC Mill
Part Number: 5590
Weight: 12.7 lb

Price: $198.95

In stock
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Mounting and Clamping
Mounting and Clamping

  • Lock down type
  • Compact size allows multiple vises on CNC mill table
  • Flatness of all sides within 0.001"
  • Mount upright, or on left or right sides
  • Sides parallel within 0.0005" in 4"


This vise is designed for CNC milling machines where a swivel base is never required. The compact size allows you to mount multiple vises on the CNC mill table so you can machine several items in one setup.

The vise closes with up to 3000 lbs. of clamping force.

The vise is 3.15" (90mm) wide, 9.06" (230mm) long, and 2.76" (70mm) tall. The jaws are 0.944" (24mm) deep and open 2.95" (75mm).


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