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Power Drawbar, Bench Mill

         Made in United States
Power Drawbar, Bench Mill
Part Number: 5835
Weight: 10.0 lb

Price: $995.00

In stock
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  • Activation with the flip of a switch
  • Provides a consistent holding force of approximately 40 foot-pounds at 90 psi.
  • Safety activation/lockout feature.
  • Does not place a load on the spindle bearings
  • System easily swivels out of the way for manual drawbar operations.


The Priest Tools Power Drawbar is a CNC-class drawbar system that automates the task of loosening and tightening the drawbar when changing a tool on a milling machine. This greatly expedites the tool changing process and adds a great deal of convenience.

Installation requires very slight modification to the mill (drill one small hole). It works with mills that have a quill and is compatible with the following milling machines:

Little Machine Shop 5500 (Sieg SX2.7)

Grizzly G0463 (Sieg X3)

Grizzly G0619 (Sieg SX3)

Grizzly G0722R (Sieg SX4)

Simple to Use - Insert the actuator plate into the cylinder plate and release the spring plunger that locks it into place. Then flip the switch up to activate the system and remove the tool from the collet. Insert another tool into the collet, and then flip the switch down to dis-engage the Power Drawbar and secure the tool for machining.

Requires a 90 PSI air supply. (You furnish the air compressor.)

Chris' Tips

Chris Chris' Tips
This video shows how the power drawbar works.


Power drawbar on HiTorque spindle box

Power drawbar on HiTorque spindle box

Power drawbar on HiTorque spindle box

Power drawbar on HiTorque spindle box

Power drawbar on HiTorque spindle box



This product works with the following mills:

  •   LittleMachineShop.com 5500 HiTorque Bench Mill
  •   SIEG SX2.7 Bench Mill
  •   LittleMachineShop.com 5550 HiTorque Bench Mill
  •   Grizzly G0463 Mill/Drill
  •   Harbor Freight 93885 Central Machinery Mill/Drill
  •   SIEG X3 Small Mill
  •   Woodstock International M1110 Shop Fox Small Mill
  •   BusyBee CX611 Craftex Small Mill
  •   Grizzly G0619 Mill/Drill
  •   SIEG SX3 Small Mill
  •   Travers Tools OT2225SX3 OTMT Small Mill


This item ships directly from our supplier in California to you. It might be a day or two longer before it ships, and you will receive it in a separate package from other items on your order. You might receive this item a few days before or a few days after you receive items shipped from our warehouse.


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