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Quill Lock Knob, HiTorque Bench Mill

         Made in United States
Quill Lock Knob, HiTorque Bench Mill
Part Number: 5875
Weight: 0.10 lb

Price: $9.95

In stock
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Deluxe Quill Lock Knob
Deluxe Quill Lock Knob

  • Easily loosen or tighten the quill
  • Designed to replace factory cap screw
  • Leave tightened to lock quill
  • Custom made for the HiTorque Bench Mill
  • Saves time and effort


Lock and loosen the HiTorque bench mill quill without the use of a hex wrench. This custom made knob by Priest Tools makes the process quick and easy. Simply remove the factory screw and replace with this threaded knob. The threading is cut for an exact fit so there is no modification necessary.


"Quill Lock Knob Quill Lock Knob Installed


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