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Power Lift System, G0704 Bench Mill

         Made in United States
Power Lift System, G0704 Bench Mill
Part Number: 5877
Weight: 4.33 lb

Price: $299.00

In stock
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  • For Grizzly G0704 Mills
  • Controlled by motor control toggle switch
  • Switch is mounted to the system plate and has three momentary positions: up, off, and down.
  • 120V AC powered reversible gear motor
  • Made in precision machining centers in the U.S.A


The Power Lift system for the Grizzly G0704 mill functionally replaces the Z-Axis manual hand wheel that is used to raise and lower the mill head. Using the Power Lift system is really easy, just press the switch up or down and release, and you are done. It is much faster than using the hand wheel, and much easier on your shoulder.

Chris' Tips

Chris Chris' Tips
See the power lift system in action.</p


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