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HiTorque 6500 Bench Mill

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Parts Diagram Item P/N Description Price  
B31 1581 Washer, M10 Flat $0.19
B32 1582 Washer, M10 Lock $0.16
B33 5755 Pin, M6x24, Tapered $1.23
B34 1586 Washer, M8 Flat $0.12
B35 2257 Cap Screw, M8x30, Socket Head $1.39
C01 5756 Cover, Screw End, Bench Mill $2.01
C02 5757 Retainer, X-Axis Bushing, HiTorque Bench Mill $19.95
C03 4036 Bushing, X-Axis Feed Screw $4.07
C04 5759 Table, Bench Mill $279.95
C05 5760 Nut, Feed Screw, X-Axis, HiTorque Bench Mill $21.07
C06 5761 Saddle, HiTorque Bench Mill $99.95
C07 5762 Base, HiTorque Bench Mill $139.95
C08 5750 Handwheel, HiTorque Bench Mill $19.95
C09 5763 Gib, Y-Axis Bench Mill, 200 mm $22.95
C10 5764 Pin, X-Axis Lock $3.05
C11 1477 Locking Lever, M6 $4.17 Not in stock
C12 5765 Feed Screw, X-Axis $24.95
C13 5766 Retainer, X-Axis Screw, HiTorque Bench Mill $21.95
C14 5635 Graduated Dial, 100 Divisions, X and Y-Axis, Bench Mill $19.95
C15 5549 Nut, Hex Thin Chamfered M8 $0.95 Not in stock
C17 5767 Plug, Bench Mill Table $3.95
C18 1540 Cap Screw, M6x16, Socket Head $0.66
C19 1473 Key, 4x16 mm $0.60
C20 2516 Nut, M8 Nylon Insert Lock $0.35
C21 1565 Screw, M8x55 Fillister Head Slotted Machine $1.04
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