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HiTorque 5550 Bench Mill

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Parts Diagram Item P/N Description Price  
D25 5782 Ground Lug $8.16
D26 5783 Screen, Dust $6.17
D27 3874 Washer, M4 Flat $0.12
D28 5784 Bluetooth Sender $142.30
D29 5785 Cover, Upper $15.18
D30 5786 Power Supply, Bluetooth Sender 110V $19.84
D32 5661 Touch Panel Controller, Bench Mill $22.76
E01 1439 Retainer, Bellows Table $2.38
E03 1431 Bellows, Chip Guard $8.05 Not in stock
E04 1474 Retainer, Bellows Rear $1.83
E06 5790 Way Cover, Z-axis $46.44
E07 5791 Magnet 6x4 mm $1.95
E08 5792 Baffle, Way Cover $9.26
F01 5822 Screw, M3x10 Pan Head Phillips Machine $0.18
F03 5498 Scale, Bluetooth DRO Magnetic 1 Meter $44.94
F05 5499 Read Head, Bluetooth DRO Magnetic $136.33
F09 4193 Nut, Hex Thin Chamfered M5 $0.45
F11 5498 Scale, Bluetooth DRO Magnetic 1 Meter $44.94
F13 5826 Screw, M3x25 Pan Head Phillips Machine $0.18
F14 2076 Cap Screw, M4x20, Socket Head $0.41
Jump to items:   No Number   A01-A25   A26-A51   A52-A79   A80-B15   B16-C08   C09-C39   C42-D21   D25-F16   



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