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HiTorque 6700 Large Bench Mill

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Parts Diagram Item P/N Description Price  
A097 5728 Retaining Ring, E-Type M3 $2.53
A098 5709 Pin, Spindle R8 $3.32
B02 1581 Washer, M10 Flat $0.19
B03 1582 Washer, M10 Lock $0.16
B07 5752 Nut, Z-Axis Drive Locking $9.28
B09 5748 Pin, 6x16 Tapered $3.02
B10 1540 Cap Screw, M6x16, Socket Head $0.66
B11 2176 Washer, M6 Lock $0.11
B12 1585 Washer, M6 Flat $0.14
B16 1578 Set Screw, M6x8 Socket Flat Point $0.45
B18 1532 Cap Screw, M5x12, Socket Head $0.42
B20 1557 Screw, M4x8 Pan Head Phillips Machine $0.18
B23 1541 Cap Screw, M6x20, Socket Head $0.74
B26 1584 Washer, M5 Flat $0.12
C05 1988 Rivet, M2x4 $0.21
C07 5767 Plug, Bench Mill Table $7.18
C08 4036 Bushing, X-Axis Feed Screw $4.07
C09 1655 Oil Fitting, 6 mm $1.29 Not in stock
C10 1532 Cap Screw, M5x12, Socket Head $0.42
C11 5756 Cover, Screw End, Bench Mill $2.01
C16 1337 Ball, 5 mm $0.42
C19 1871 Washer, M12 Flat $0.49
C26 2078 Cap Screw, M6x14, Socket Head $0.56
C29 3284 Oil Fitting, 8 mm $1.27
C30 5128 Cap Screw, M4x16, Socket Head $0.51
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