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Central Machinery 44991 Mini Mill

       Parts Diagram
Spindle Configurations
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Motor Brushes

1686 Motor Brushes

Motor, Mini Mill

1128 Motor, Mini Mill

$266.70 Parts Diagram Item 127
Mount, Spindle Housing

1498 Mount, Spindle Housing

$67.65 Parts Diagram Item 63
Nut, M24

1546 Nut, M24

$3.32 Parts Diagram Item 70
Nut, M6

1549 Nut, M6

$0.15 Parts Diagram Item 29
Nut, M8

1550 Nut, M8

$0.25 Parts Diagram Item 6
Nut, M8 Acorn

1461 Nut, M8 Acorn

$1.17 Parts Diagram Item 157
Nut, M8 Nylon Insert Lock

2516 Nut, M8 Nylon Insert Lock

$0.35 Parts Diagram Item 15
Nut, Spindle M27x1.5 Left Hand

1438 Nut, Spindle M27x1.5 Left Hand

$5.07 Parts Diagram Item 119
Nut, X-Axis Feed 16 TPI

1118 Nut, X-Axis Feed 16 TPI

$25.57 Parts Diagram Item 23
Nut, Y-Axis Feed 16 TPI

1121 Nut, Y-Axis Feed 16 TPI

$25.36 Parts Diagram Item 37
Oil Can

1283 Oil Can

Pin, 3x12

1513 Pin, 3x12

$0.83 Parts Diagram Item 87
Pin, 3x12

1513 Pin, 3x12

$0.83 Parts Diagram Item 86
Pin, 4x15

1510 Pin, 4x15

$0.60 Parts Diagram Item 83
Pin, Spindle R8

4828 Pin, Spindle R8

$2.01 Parts Diagram Item 212
Pinion, Z-Axis

1489 Pinion, Z-Axis

$15.16 Parts Diagram Item 50 Not in stock
Pivot, High-Low Shifter

1344 Pivot, High-Low Shifter

$9.22 Parts Diagram Item 107
Pivot, Z-Axis Coarse Feed

1494 Pivot, Z-Axis Coarse Feed

$33.46 Parts Diagram Item 57
Pointer, X-Axis

1478 Pointer, X-Axis

$3.24 Parts Diagram Item 32
Pointer, Z-Axis

1497 Pointer, Z-Axis

$3.24 Parts Diagram Item 61
Potentiometer, FC Controllers

1282 Potentiometer, FC Controllers

$12.74 Parts Diagram Item 134
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