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HiTorque Bench Mill, Long Table, Deluxe

HiTorque Bench Mill, Long Table, Deluxe
Part Number: 5550
Weight: 292 lb

Price: $2,663.18

In stock

The price above includes $413.23 tariff surcharge.
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  • Larger than mini mills
  • 750 watt (1 hp) brushless DC variable speed drive
  • No gears in spindle drive
  • R8 spindle and drill chuck
  • Tapping mode for reversing taps out


The Model 5550 Deluxe HiTorque Benchtop Milling Machine has all the features of popular HiTorque Bench Mill 5500, plus:

* 3-axis digital readout (DRO) with Bluetooth and 7" tablet display

* Larger table

* Electrically interlocked spindle lock

* Machined aluminum handwheels

The HiTorque Bench Mill is a step up in size, rigidity, and power compared to a mini mill. This HiTorque benchtop milling machine for sale provides a larger table, more travel, and more horsepower.

A 750 watt (1 hp) brushless DC motor provides abundant spindle power and tremendous low-end torque and the motor has built in forward and reverse modes easily switched from the power panel.

The 27.5" x 6.25" (700 mm x 160 mm) table provides a large work area.

The HiTorque Bench Mill incorporates a true quill and drill press-style handles for easy drilling. A button on the end of each handle reverses the spindle to make tapping easy.

The control panel includes a digital spindle speed display.

This mill is a version of the SIEG SX2.7.

Chris' Tips

Chris Chris' Tips
You can compare the specifications for our mills.

Here's Using the Bluetooth DRO Display.

For more information on the Bluetooth DRO, visit the Bluetooth DRO Package page and the Android Tablet page.

Here are data sheets for the machines that we sell.

Frank Hoose from has a multi-part review of this mill.

Here are the user's guides for our machines.


  • 750 Watt (1 hp) brushless DC spindle drive
  • R8 Spindle for wide tool availability
  • Electrically interlocked spindle lock
  • NSK brand Japanese-quality spindle bearings
  • 0.001" Graduated dials, 0.100" per turn
  • 3-Axis DRO with 7" Android tablet readout
  • Digital position readout on the quill reads in inches and mm
  • Large X-Y table with attractive anodized handwheels
  • Tapping mode for reversing taps out
  • Solid rectangular column for rigidity
  • Dovetail column maintains head alignment at any height
  • E-stop safety power switch
  • Forward and Reverse modes on the power panel
  • Spindle speed display
  • Spindle fine feed and position lock
  • Fine feed on Z-axis for precise control
  • Adjustable gibs on all dovetail ways
  • Includes R8 to 33JT drill chuck arbor and drill chuck


End Milling Capacity 0.6" (16 mm)
Face Milling Capacity 2.0" (50 mm)
Drilling Capacity 0.8" (20 mm)
Table Size 27.6" x 6.3" (700 mm x 160 mm)
T-Slots 3 slots 0.47" (12.0 mm) wide
X-Axis Travel 19.7" (500 mm)
Y-Axis Travel 5.5" (140 mm)
Z-Axis Travel 11.6" (295 mm)
Throat 7.5" (190 mm)
X- and Y-Axis Feed Screws 0.100" (2.54 mm) per rotation
Quill Travel 2.8" (71 mm)
Positioning Accuracy 0.0004" (0.010 mm)
Spindle Taper R8
Spindle Motor 1.01 hp (750 Watts)
Spindle Speed 100 - 2000 RPM
Power Requirements 120 V 60 Hz 10 Amps
Machine Weight 245 lbs (111 kg)
Base Dimensions (W x D) 9.1" x 16.9" (230 mm x 430 mm)
Mounting Holes Center to Center (W x D) 8.27" x 12.01" (210.0 mm x 305.0 mm)
Overall Dimensions (W x D x H) 34.6" x 25.0" x 28.5" (880 mm x 635 mm x 725 mm)
Crated Weight 292 lbs (133 kg)
Crate Dimensions (W x D x H) 36.0" x 28.0" x 35.5" (914 mm x 711 mm x 902 mm)


"Deluxe HiTorque Bench Mill Side View
"Deluxe HiTorque Bench Mill Rear & Side View
"Deluxe HiTorque Bench Mill X-Axis Chrome Hand Wheel
"Deluxe HiTorque Bench Mill Y-Axis Chrome Hand Wheel
"Deluxe HiTorque Bench Mill Z-Axis Chrome Hand Wheel
"Deluxe HiTorque Bench Mill Control Panel
"Deluxe HiTorque Bench Mill Digital Height Gauge, Fine Feed and Spindle


The HiTorque Bench Mill comes with the following:

  • Bench Mill Users Guide written by Chris Wood
  • 7-inch Android tablet with Bluetooth
  • One 1/2" drill chuck and R8 arbor
  • Two T-slot nuts
  • Three end wrenches
  • Five hex (Allen) wrenches
  • One spanner wrench
  • Oil can (plastic)


These machines ship by truck because they are simply too heavy and bulky for UPS Parcel Service. We normally ship truck orders a day or two after we receive the order. We add the following shipping cost to your order total:

. Local Far West Other Continental US
Delivery to commercial address $59 $115 $145
Delivery to school or secured location $79 $155 $175
Liftgate, additional Incl. $20 $20
Delivery to freight terminal $115 $115 $145
Delivery to residential address (includes liftgate) $79 $175 $195

"Local" refers to the parts of Southern California served by Hollywood Delivery Service.

"Far West" refers to ten western states: CA, OR, WA, AZ, NV, ID, UT, NM, CO, WY.

For delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, we will check with several trucking companies to get the best price and then call for your approval before we ship.

For Canadian shipments we will provide an all-inclusive quotation for shipping, brokerage, and taxes. The brokerage fees are $108. The taxes vary by province. If you have a customs broker or want to self-clear customs please let us know.

We ship machines only to the US and Canada.

The shipping charges shown above cover the cost of shipping the machine and anything else that you purchase with it, including a second (and third) machine, up to 700 pounds total.

A "commercial address" has a company name, a public entrance and posted hours of operation. If you do not have a forklift or loading dock at your place of business, you must add the liftgate fee. If you are running a business at your residence without a public entrance and posted company name and hours of operation it is considered a residence and a not commercial address.

Schools, colleges, universities, university hospitals, military bases, government facilities and other secured locations are charged a limited access fee that is included in the amounts in the chart above.

If you choose Terminal Pickup, and there is not a terminal within 30 miles, we will confirm with you that you still want Terminal Pickup.

Liftgate service is included in the residential delivery fee. The trucking company will call you to schedule the delivery.

We offer inside delivery which gets the machine inside one doorway or into your garage:

  Local Far West Other Continental US
Inside Delivery Gets the machine inside 1 threshold
Includes liftgate service
$20 $75 $75


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