Mini Mill Accessory Projects

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This simple clutch allows you to disengage the mini mill power feed when you are not using it. This reduces the drag created by the power feed when you move the table manually.

These blocks provide a quick, easy way to secure a secrewless vise to the mill table.

This slitting saw arbor has a #3 Morse Taper that fits the spindle of the mini mill directly. It mounts a saw blade with a 5/8" hole. The arbor extends 2" beyond the spindle to provide flexibility in positioning the saw.

This spindle lock pin is spring loaded so you can't leave the spindle locked by accident. The spindle lock pin is inserted into a hole in the side of the spindle to keep it from rotating when you are tightening or loosening the drawbar. If you turn on the mini mill with the spindle lock pin in place, you are almost sure to break a drive gear.

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