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Stamp Set, Numbers and Letters, 3/16"
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Boring Bars
Boring Bar Set, 3/8" Shank, Carbide
Boring Bar Set, 3/8" Shank, Carbide
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Popular Products

Most Popular
Boring Bars
Boring Bar Set, 3/8" Shank, Carbide
Boring Bar Set, 1/2" Shank, Carbide
Boring Bar, 3/8" Indexable, S06H-SCLCR-2, Tormach
More Boring Bars
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Electronic Digital Caliper, 6"
Electronic Digital Caliper, 6" Professional Grade
More Calipers
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Clamping Kits
Clamping Kit, 7/16" T-Slot
T-Slot Nut, 7/16"
T-Slot Nut, 1/2"
Flange Nut, 3/8"-16
T-Slot Nut, 8 mm
More Clamping Kits
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Cut-Off Tools
Cut-Off Blade, P1N
Cut-Off Blade, P1, M2 HSS
Cut-Off Blade, P1
Cut-Off Blade, P1X
More Cut-Off Tools
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Drill Sets
Drill Set, #1-60 Jobber Length HSS
Drill Set, 115 Piece Screw Machine Length HSS
Tap & Drill Combo Set, 18 Pieces HSS, Metric
Drill Set, 29 Piece Jobber Length HSS
Drill Set, #1-60 Screw Machine Length HSS
Drill Set, 19 Piece Metric 1-10 mm Cobalt Steel
Drill Set, A-Z Jobber Length HSS
Tap & Drill Combo Set, 18 Pieces HSS
Drill Set, 29 Piece Screw Machine Length HSS
Drill Set, #61-80 Jobber Length HSS
More Drill Sets
Most Popular
DRO Packages
DRO Scale, 6" (150 mm) With Display
DRO Scale, 12" (300 mm) with Display
Digital Position Readout, Mini Lathe Tailstock
Digital Position Readout, 3-Axis Bluetooth for HiTorque Mini Mill
More DRO Packages
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End Mills
End Mill Set, 20 pieces 2 & 4 Flute, TiN coated HSS
End Mill Set, 10 pieces 2 & 4 Flute, TiN coated HSS
End Mill Set, 6 Piece 4 Flute, Cobalt
More End Mills
Most Popular
Engine Plans
Panther Pup Engine Plans
Pip-Squeak Engine Plans
Epicyclic Steam Engine Plans
Elbow Engine Plans
More Engine Plans
Most Popular
Indexable End Mills
Indexable End Mill, R8, 1.25"
Indexable End Mill, R8, 2"
More Indexable End Mills
Most Popular
Dial Test Indicator, 0-15-0 x 0.0005"
Dial Indicator, 1" x 0.001", Professional Grade
Dial Indicator, 1" x 0.001"
Point Set, Dial Indicator
Dial Test Indicator, 0-4-0 x 0.0001"
More Indicators
Most Popular
Lathe Chucks
Lathe Chuck, 4-Jaw 4", Independent
Lathe Chuck, 4-Jaw 5", Independent
Lathe Chuck, 4-Jaw 4", Independent with Adapter
Lathe Chuck, 4-Jaw 3", Independent
More Lathe Chucks
Most Popular
Lathe Conversion Kits
Tailstock Cam Lock Kit
Metal Transmission Gear Kit, Mini Lathe & 3MT Mini Mill
Bed Extension Kit 16"
More Lathe Conversion Kits
Most Popular
Lathe Starter Kits
Tooling Package, Mini Lathe, 0XA QCTP
Tooling Package, Atlas/Craftsman 6" Lathe
Tooling Package, Mini Lathe Premium
Starter Kit, Mini Lathe, 5/16" Tool Bits
Tooling Package, Grizzly G0765 Mini Lathe
Tooling Package, 9x20 Lathe
More Lathe Starter Kits
Most Popular
Layout Tools
DYKEM Steel Blue Layout Fluid
Machinist Square Set
Transfer Punch Set, Metric 1.0 mm to 13.0 mm
Scriber with 2-3/8" Point, Starrett
Surface Plate, Granite, 12" x 9" x 3"
Transfer Punch Set 3/32" to 1/2"
More Layout Tools
Most Popular
Machinist Books
Machine Shop Essentials: Questions & Answers
Mini-Lathe for Home Machinists
Gears and Gear Cutting for Home Machinists
Lathework for Beginners
The Milling Machine for Home Machinists
Basic Lathework for Home Machinists
Milling for Beginners
Home Machinist's Handbook
Useful Machine Shop Tools to Make for Home Shop Machinists
Milling for Home Machinists
More Machinist Books
Most Popular
Measuring Tool Sets
Dial Indicator, Test Indicator, Magnetic Base & Point Set
More Measuring Tool Sets
Most Popular
Measuring Tools
Micrometer, 0-1" Digital IP65
Indicator Arm, Universal, 6"
Test Indicator Holder, Professional Grade
Magnetic Base Indicator Holder
Magnetic Base Indicator Holder
Height Gage, 6", Digital, iGaging
Steel Rule, 6" 4R Rigid
Telescoping Gage Set, 6-Piece 5/16 - 6"
BoltSize-It Bolt and Nut Checker
Indicator Arm, Universal, 11"
More Measuring Tools
Most Popular
Micro Mill (X1) Accessories
Drawbar, 2MT x 3/8"-16, Micro Mill
More Micro Mill (X1) Accessories
Most Popular
Mill Conversion Kits
Belt Drive Conversion Kit, Mini Mill
Air Spring Conversion Kit
More Mill Conversion Kits
Most Popular
Mini Lathe Accessories
Carriage Stop, Mini Lathe, Adjustable
Lathe Dog, 20 mm
Lathe Dog, 10 mm
Lathe Dog, 15 mm
Driver, Lathe Dog, M8
Driver, Lathe Dog, M6
Lathe Dog, 40 mm
Lathe Dog Set
Lathe Dog, 30 mm
Carriage Lock, Mini Lathe
More Mini Lathe Accessories
Most Popular
Mini Mill Accessories
Locking Lever, Old Style
More Mini Mill Accessories
Most Popular
Model Material Kits
Model Steam Launch Engine Material Kit
Model Steam Mill Engine Material Kit
Oscillating Steam Engine Material Kit
More Model Material Kits
Most Popular
Quick Change Tool Post Set, 0XA, Horizontal Cut-Off, Mini Lathe
Quick Change Tool Post Set, 0XA, 4-Degree Cut-Off
Quick Change Tool Post Set, AXA
More QCTP Sets
Most Popular
Reference Books
Metalworker's Data Book for Home Machinists
More Reference Books
Most Popular
Starter & Tooling Kits
Tooling Package, R8 Mini Mill
Tooling Package, R8 Mini Mill Essentials
Starter Kit, X2/SX2 Mini Mill
Tooling Package, R8 Bench Mill
More Starter & Tooling Kits
Most Popular
Tap & Die Sets
Tap Set, 0-80 to 5-40 Thread, Set of 6
Tap & Die Set, 41-Piece
Tap & Die Set, 39-Piece Solid Round Dies
Die Set, M6 - M20 Rethreading, Hexagonal
Tap Set, Metric M3 to M8 Thread
More Tap & Die Sets
Most Popular
Turning Tools
Tool Bit, 5/16" x 2-1/2", M2 HSS
Turning Tools, 3/8" Indexable, Triangle Inserts
Tool Bit, 1/4" x 2-1/2", M2 HSS
Tool Bit, 3/8" x 2-1/2", M2 HSS
More Turning Tools
Most Popular
DVD: Building the Oscillating Cylinder Steam/Air Engine
DVD: Mini Machines 101 Complete Mill Series
DVD: Basic Operations On The HiTorque Mini Mill
DVD: Threading on the Lathe
DVD: Making Gears the Easy Way
DVD: Shop Secrets, Volume 1: Measuring Tools
DVD: Grinding Tool Bits and Other Things


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