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Bill Johns has put together a lot of information about using the change gears on a mini lathe for threading.

This page is a chronological list of some of my many projects. The left menu is a mostly alphabetical list of pages on this site.

This is a discussion group where you can get almost any question about the mini lathe or mini mill answered. Don't miss the Files section where many files relating to the mini lathe and mini mill are saved.

Frank J. Hoose, Jr.'s site has one of the best collections of information about the mini lathe. He has a very good comparison of the different versions of the mini lathe.
Frank also has some "Premium Content" on his site for which you must subscribe. It is well worth what it costs; we recommend it.

PJ has put toghether a great collection of projects, improvements, insights, and enthusiasm for things one can do with these great little tools.
This site has the best information on knurling that I have seen anywhere.

Anthony has created a complete explation of how the gibs on tne mini lathe work, how to adjust them, and how to modify them for best results.

Bill Johns also has a lot of good information for the mini lathe user on his Web site. Be sure to see his Notes on Nuts and Bolts.

Ty Hoeffer provides a lot of good information about the mini lathe, including hints for using the mini lathe, descriptions of repairs he has made, and several projects. Ty also provides a vault where many files relating to the mini lathe are saved, as well as a search engine that can search the archives of the Yahoo Groups 7x10 mini lathe group.

Ty Hoeffer also provides a vault where many files relating to the mini lathe are saved.

Varmint Al provides one of the best mini lathe pages. You will find tips on what accessories to buy, ways you can improve your lathe, and how to cut many threads in addition to those listed on the lathe.

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