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A group of enthusiasts who make, discuss and share information on collecting and building miniature engines.
San Francisco Bay area, California

The Bluewater Model Engineering Society was founded in 1985 for the purpose of promoting and advancing our hobby. Meetings are informal with the main purpose of supporting each other by exchanging information and technique's used in the hobby. All types of models are made from trains and tractions engines to gas engines and farm equipment as well as other types of mechanical equipment. Everyone is welcome.

The CNYHSMG is an organization where home shop machinists, model engineers, and metal crafters can get together and discuss all aspects of hobby metalworking.
Syracuse area, New York

For people interested in metalworking in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD areas.
Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland

A loose association of people sharing the same interest in things primarily machined of metal including, but not limited to model engines of all kinds, clocks, antique cannons/guns, machine shop machinery, electrical/electronic, tools, and methods.
The Colorado Front Range, Fort Collins to Pueblo, and the rest of Colorado

THe CTHSM group is congenial and freewheeling: no rules, no dues, just people getting together to learn new techniques plus share thoughts on machining and other topics that arise.

CRS is an informal group of hobbyists, experimenters, and robot builders who meet monthly. Our membership is a diverse group composed of people with many different backgrounds and experience levels. Our interests include, but are not limited to, electronics, mechanics, fun, and the science related to automation and homebuilt robotics.
West Hartford, Connecticut

An informal group from professional to hobbyist interested in making CNC machines and using them. Come join us for a hands-on learning experience and exchange of ideas.
Denver, Colorado

Our mission is to foster an appreciation of and continue the knowledge of machinery, transport and equipment, from the industrial revolution to the present day. This is typically achieved by recreating, in miniature, working or non-working models of any kind of machinery or transport item, be they powered by steam, internal combustion, electricity, or other means.
Kingston, Ontario

The purpose of the Home Metal Shop Club is to provide an opportunity for the exchange of ideas, the sharing of resources, and instruction in metal machining among its members. Experienced and novice members learn from one another.
Houston, Texas

The MDMC is a diverse group of people interested in metal working of all kinds. Member projects include building machine tooling, miniature engines, experimental aircraft, scratch built cars, scale railroad and metal furniture.
Warren, Michigan

A group for those who enjoy metal working and machining.
Waltham, Massachusetts

The purpose of the North American Model Engineering Society (NAMES) is to encourage the hobby of precision model engineering. They do this by sponsoring the annual NAMES Model Engineering Exposition in April.
Detroit, Michigan

The Portland Machinist Guild is a group of folks interested in metalworking who get together once a month with like-minded members from the mid-Michigan area.
Mulliken, Michigan

PME is a community of people in northwestern Oregon and southwestern Washington who enjoy all aspects of metalworking as a recreation. The "Model Engineering" in our name includes small scale internal and external combustion engines, model aircraft, military and maritime models, miniature locomotives (weighing up to hundreds of pounds!) and much more.
Portland, Oregon

SCHSM is a group of home shop machinists who associate to share our knowledge and experience with each other, to admire each other's work, exchange ideas, information, techniques, and sources of tools and supplies, to consider cooperative buys of equipment, to visit local suppliers to learn about their products and processes, and to have fun with a bunch of people who understand our hobby.
Torrance, California

TSME meets and welcomes visitors at our monthly meetings from September to June.
Toronto, Ontario

Topics of interest include welding, machine shop, live steam, stationary steam engines, scaled hit-N- Miss engines, model making, foundry/metal casting, car restoration, and collecting antique machine tools.
Schenectady, New York

We are a group of hobbyist machinists with a variety of interests that meets the second Saturday of the month at locations around the Phoenix metro area, including Prescott. The group sports talents from all walks of life and levels of experience.  Beginners are very welcome to the group. If we do not meet at our usual haunt (a machine shop in Glendale) we are meeting at a member’s home or occasionally a local business. The members put on demonstrations for the group at their home shops or our regular meeting location.  These demos can be show & tell of projects being worked on or training in the various arts we have learned in the machine shop hobby or career.

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