Fog Buster Sprayer Coolant System with Tank, 1 OutletMade in United States

Fog Buster Sprayer Coolant System with Tank, 1 Outlet
  • FogBuster model 10100 with one spray oultet
  • 1/2 gallon clear coolant tank
  • Stainless steel handle, nozzle with magnetic stand, and pressure regulator
  • Reduces airborne pollutants in shop
Part Number: 4718
Weight: 6.15 lb

Price: $455.95

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Half-gallon models are the ideal size for many coolant and lubricant applications. Coolant level can be easily viewed through the clear reservoir. The provided stainless steel handle makes mounting or carrying this spray mist coolant system quick and easy. The hose from tank to nozzle is 5 feet long.

Unlike other mist coolant systems, the Fog Buster does not atomize coolant at the nozzle tip. Coolant is carried accurately with the air stream after leaving the nozzle and will produce a small spray pattern from several inches from its target. Greater cooling and lubrication is achieved along with a reduction in coolant waste because virtually all of the coolant is being utilized on the part and tool.

Fog Buster offers a wide range of coolant and air flows, will spray virtually any type of coolant or lubricant, and its unique high volume low pressure design operates on only 10 to 20 PSI. Coolant flow is easily adjusted by a precision needle valve at the sprayer head, and can be set from very small amounts to a heavy spray to suit your job application. Air flow is adjusted at the air pressure regulator, and once flows are set sprayer operation is instant with the flip of an air toggle switch conveniently located on your machine or when called for in a program.

Just hook up your air compressor.

Chris Chris' Tips
Using mist coolant can be really useful when you want to actually see what you’re cutting or you just want a lower-maintenance solution, since a Fogbuster doesn’t require coolant management and evaporation isn’t a concern.

Here are a few tips from Tormach for using mist coolant

What makes the FogBuster Unique?

The pictures below were taken at the exact same camera settings. As you can see the difference is amazing. The FogBuster produces a unique spray of coolant drops that are too large to float into the surrounding air. The spray mister atomizes coolant so fine that you can literally smell it in the air within seconds after turning it on.

FogBuster spray Fogbuster spray - Emits drops too large to float into surrounding air.
Spray mister Spray Mister - Emits fine mist or fog that contaminates surrounding air.

Fogbuster Installations

FogBuster installation

FogBuster installation