Machine Shop Practice, Vol. 1Made in United States

Machine Shop Practice, Vol. 1
  • Machine Shop Practice, Second Edition, Volume 1
  • By Karl H. Moltrecht
  • 496 pages, hardcover, 6¼" x 9¼"
  • ISBN 0-8311-1126-7 (v.1)
  • Copyright 1981
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Everything you need to know about the intelligent and efficient operation of machine tools is in this two-volume set.

Includes over 760 illustrations and 70 tables in two volumes. Offers sections on numerical control; grinding wheels; single point cutting tools and tool wear; basic drilling machine setups; and formulas for estimating the power required for machining. Provides detailed discussions on methods of setting up the work piece on milling machines, horizontal boring machines, planers and shapers.

Volume 1


Preface to First Second

List of Tables

  1. Basic Metal Cutting Operations
  2. Basic Measuring Instruments
  3. Layout Work
  4. Drilling Machines, Twist Drills and Auxiliary Tooling
  5. Drilling Machine Operation
  6. Engine Lathe Construction
  7. Single-Point Cutting Tools and Their Performance
  8. Turning on Lathe Centers
  9. Chucking Work
  10. Taper and Angle Turning
  11. Faceplate Work
  12. Screw Threads and Screw-Thread Measuring
  13. Cutting Screw Threads on a Lathe
  14. Turret Lathes, Production Lathes, and Vertical Lathes
  15. Precision Hole Location--The Jig Borer
  16. Metal Cutting Saws