Insert, TPG-221 Carbide 

Insert, TPG-221 Carbide
  • Uncoated carbide
  • 60° triangle, 11° relief
  • No hole, no chip breaker
  • 0.0156" (1/64") corner radius
  • ANSI: TPG221, ISO: TPGN110304
Part Number: 1910
Weight: 0.05 lb

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TPG-221 carbide insert is a 60° triangle with a 11° relief. There is no chip breaker or screw hole. It has an inscribed circle (IC) of 0.25" (1/4"), a thickness of 0.125" (1/8"), and a corner (nose) radius of 0.0156" (1/64").

The insert is designated TPG221 (ANSI) or TPGN110304 (ISO). For a list of compatible products, see the Compatibility tab.

Inserts are sold individually—no need to buy a pack of 10 inserts.

Chris Chris' Tips
Insert TPG-221
ISO TPGN110304

Make sure you get the correct inserts and retaining screws for your indexable turning tools.

Our chart of indexable inserts shows which inserts and which screw to use with each of our indexable tools.

Insert TPG-221
ISO TPGN110304

insert TPG-221
Inscribed Circle  ∅ IC 1/4"
Corner Radius R 1/64"
Clearance Angle C 11°
Thickness T 1/8"
Height H 3/8"
Hole / Chip Breaker ∅D none / none


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