Soft Jaws, 4" Vise, Prism Face 

Soft Jaws, 4" Vise, Prism Face
  • Aluminum soft jaws fit 4" vises
  • Magnets hold jaws firmly in place
  • Magnets are removable for easy cleaning
  • V-groove for round objects
  • Vertical groove for marking out
Part Number: 2067
Weight: 0.35 lb

Price: $9.95

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4" Aluminum soft vise jaws designed to protect work from scratching. Mount onto a 4 inch vise with magnets which can be removed for cleaning. The jaws have a 120 degree horizontal V-groove for round objects, and a vertical groove for marking out and center punching. Set includes two hardened aluminum jaws.
"Soft Jaws Detail View
"Soft Jaws Notch Detail View