Mini Mill Head Assembly, R8 Spindle 230V 2517  (Discontinued) 

Mini Mill Head Assembly, R8 Spindle 230V
Part Number: 2517  (Discontinued)
Weight: 35.9 lb

Price: $339.95

This is the complete head assembly for the mini mill. It includes the motor, motor controls, spindle housing and spindle. In short, it includes everything that travels up and down the column.

This mini mill head assembly has an R8 spindle.

The motor controller is a PWM variable speed controller with overload protection and a zero-speed start interlock.

Motor: 350 Watt (0.47 HP)

Low speed: 0-1100 RPM

High speed: 0-2500 RPM

Drilling capacity: 1/2"

End milling capacity: 5/8"

Face milling capacity: 1-1/8"

Power: 230V, 50 Hz