Clamp, Adjustable 

Clamp, Adjustable
  • One piece assembly allows quick set-up
  • Instant height adjustment
  • Attached brass covers protect machine table and workpiece
  • Fits 7/16" and 12 mm T-slots
  • Clamps work up to 1.75" (44 mm) thick, clamp is 1.35" (34 mm) wide overall
Part Number: 2551
Weight: 0.66 lb

Price: $12.95

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This adjustable clamp fits into the T-slots on the mill table and quickly adjusted to secure your work piece. Clamp fits 7/16” and 12 mm T-slots and the clamp has a brass covering at the point of contact to protect the work piece.
Chris Chris' Tips
Here is a photo of the clamp in use.

Measure the width at the top of the T-slot as shown in the photo below. This is the dimension given for T-slot nuts and clamping kits. For example, if you measure 0.468 at the top of the T-slot, you should get a 7/16” (0.438”) T-slot nut or clamping kit.