Live Center, 0MT 

Live Center, 0MT
Part Number: 2714
Weight: 0.20 lb

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0 Morse taper shank, Live Center.

This center is made from hardened steel and ground for accuracy. It has precision high quality bearings. The point is a 60ยบ included angle.

The maximum diameter of the point is 0.71". The OD of the body is 1.35". The distance from the tip to the front of the body is 0.57". Shop this lathe live center and other lathe accessories at LittleMachineShop.

Chris Chris' Tips
To use this live center with a Sherline tailstock, cut the taper off so that 20 mm (0.79") remains. A rotary tool like a Dremel with an abrasive cut-off wheel works well for this.