Steel Rule, 12" 4R Rigid, PECMade in United States

Steel Rule, 12" 4R Rigid, PEC
  • 4R graduations, 8ths & 16ths, 32nds & 64ths
  • Made from the finest quality steel available
  • Fully hardened and tempered with stain chrome finish
  • Precisely etched, then black filled for readability
  • Rule is 1" wide and 0.040" thick
Part Number: 2735
Weight: 0.16 lb

Price: $31.95

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Rigid steel rule made in the US by Products Engineering Corporation (PEC).
Chris Chris' Tips
When using a precision rule for very close accuracy, the eye can read better by measuring between two lines than from the end of the rule to a line.  

Here is how to use a steel rule.