Machinist Square Set, PEC 

Machinist Square Set, PEC
  • Includes 2", 3", 4" and 6" squares
  • Made from high quality tool steel
  • True right angles inside and outside
  • Beams and blades are precision ground
  • Hardened Blade
Part Number: 2742
Weight: 2.09 lb

Price: $86.95

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Set of four machinist squares made of high quality tool steel in sizes 2", 3", 4", and 6". These squares are made in the US by Products Engineering Corporation (PEC).

These squares are square within 0.0006" over the length of the blade. The two sides of the blades and beams are parallel within 0.0005" over their length.

Length of blade is measured from inner edge of beam to end of blade. The small notch at the inside corner prevents small particles from accumulating at the juncture and impacting the squares reading.

Typical use involves aligning the beam along one edge of an object with the blade across the body of the work. Using a strong light source behind the square will reveal any gaps showing the squareness of the work.