Flywheel, 3" Diameter, 6 Straight SpokesMade in United States

Flywheel, 3" Diameter, 6 Straight Spokes
  • Cast iron flywheel
  • Highest quality made by Martin Model & Pattern
  • Fully Annealed
Part Number: 2755
Weight: 0.79 lb

Price: $23.95

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The flywheel casting is oversize so you can finish it to the specified diameter. This flywheel has a rim width of 0.783", a rim thickness of 0.343", a hub diameter of 0.524", and an overall hub length of 0.899".
Chris Chris' Tips
All Martin Model & Pattern castings are fully annealed for easier machining. When molten iron is poured into a sand mold, it cools very quickly where it contacts the cold sand. Quick cooling being the formula for hardening iron, this results in a very hard surface, or skin, on the casting. It's commonly known that you must address this hard skin when you start machining a casting. But Martin Model castings go through another heat treat process. After the castings have cooled, they are once again heated to a high temperature, but this time they are cooled slowly. This ensures that the castings are evenly soft throughout, and that there is no hard skin on the surface
"Flywheel Reverse View