LPS 2 Industrial-Strength LubricantMade in United States

LPS 2 Industrial-Strength Lubricant
  • Strong multi-purpose lubricant and penetrant
  • Creates light oily protective film that is non-drying
  • Loosens rust and frozen components and is an excellent protection for metal parts
  • Does not contain silicone
  • Safe on paints, plastics, and rubbers
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The strong, multi-purpose lubricant and penetrant with corrosion protection. Leaves an oily film that is non-drying and light. Reduces wear from friction.
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Here is the Safety Data Sheet for this product.

If you are wondering what the difference is between LPS 1®, LPS 2®, & LPS 3®, here is an explaination given directly by manufacturer on their blog.

What is the Difference Between LPS 1®, LPS 2®, & LPS 3®

Often, I have been asked: “What is the difference between LPS 1, 2 and 3?” I am so glad you asked! LPS 1® and LPS 2® are lubricants. LPS 3® is a corrosion inhibitor. Let’s start with the lubricants LPS 1 and LPS 2. These two are the liquid stuff that allows metals and other substances to slide smoothly past one another. Yes, that sounds a little simplistic but when you break it all down, that is exactly what a lubricant does – makes it easier for things to move past one another. How exactly these liquids or substances do this is the topic for another blog on another day.

What exactly is LPS 1? LPS 1 is a dry film lubricant. Yes, you read that correctly, a dry film lubricant. When applied LPS 1 starts out as a liquid, actually it is a very light oil, that carries a load of proprietary lubricating solids across the surface into niches and crevices and deposits these lubricating solids as the light oil evaporates away over the next hour or so. It does not leave a greasy, oily film behind. Thus LPS 1 is perfect for lubricating precision instruments and equipment like hinges, locks, small cables, springs, calipers, etc. without the fear of accumulating dust and dirt. Oh, by the way, LPS 1 is great for displacing water from the niches and crevices too (water is one of the evil triad members that causes corrosion, but we will review that in another blog as well). LPS 1 - use it for dry film lubrication where you need to avoid grime build up that can inhibit the function of your precision equipment.

LPS 2 is wet film lubricant i.e. it does not dry but remains a long-lasting oily film. LPS 2 utilizes a proprietary blend of oils and lubricant additives to provide 1+ years of lubrication and protection to industrial equipment and parts. Not only does it lubricate, but LPS 2 is also good at protecting small metal parts from rusting during shipment. LPS 2 is also kind of a hybrid in that it protects metals, provides lubrication and can even act as a penetrant, if needed. Use LPS 2 for any application that demands a light, long-lasting, industrial oily film; think metal parts in storage, cable, pulleys, metal rollers, hand tools, valves, connectors, slides, dies, bits and fasteners. Think LPS 2.

LPS 3 is a corrosion inhibitor, which is a technical way of saying it stops metal from rusting. You may have heard other terms like "rust preventative", "anti-rust compound" or my favorite “stuff that stops rust” (OK I made that one up). Anyway LPS 3 does just that: it stops the formation of corrosion at points of stress like crevices, welds, cuts, bends, edges etc. on metals. Upon application, LPS 3 forms a tacky waxy film that is both pliable and self-repairing if scratched. Application of LPS 3 can be via spray, brush, or dipping. LPS 3 is perfect for protecting metals inside or out, providing 2+ years of indoor protection and up to 9 months outside protection before re-application is required. It can be removed using solvents such as LPS PreSolve® Orange Degreaser, A-151 Solvent Degreaser, or F-104° Solvent Degreaser etc.

Boiling Point / Range 383°F (195°C) @ 101kPa
Flammability lower 0.6%
Flash Point 174.2°F (79.0°C) Tag Closed Cup (dispensed liquid)
Percent Volatile 92 - 95%
Propellant Carbon Dioxide
Temperature Range -60°F to 350°F
Voc Content 0.4% per US State & Federal Consumer Product Regul

Because this product is in an aerosol can it can only ship by UPS Ground or USPS Parcel Post to the continental United States. We cannot ship this product internationally or to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or offshore facilities of the USA.