LPS 2 Industrial-Strength LubricantMade in United States

LPS 2 Industrial-Strength Lubricant
  • Strong multi-purpose lubricant and penetrant
  • Creates light oily protective film that is non-drying
  • Loosens rust and frozen components and is an excellent protection for metal parts
  • Does not contain silicone
  • Safe on paints, plastics, and rubbers
Part Number: 2908
Weight: 0.80 lb

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The strong, multi-purpose lubricant and penetrant with corrosion protection. Leaves an oily film that is non-drying and light. Reduces wear from friction.
Chris Chris' Tips
Here is the Safety Data Sheet for this product.

Boiling Point / Range 383°F (195°C) @ 101kPa
Flammability lower 0.6%
Flash Point 174.2°F (79.0°C) Tag Closed Cup (dispensed liquid)
Percent Volatile 92 - 95%
Propellant Carbon Dioxide
Temperature Range -60°F to 350°F
Voc Content 0.4% per US State & Federal Consumer Product Regul

Because this product is in an aerosol can it can only ship by UPS Ground or USPS Parcel Post to the continental United States. We cannot ship this product internationally or to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or offshore facilities of the USA.