Quick Change Cut-Off Tool Holder, 0XA 

Quick Change Cut-Off Tool Holder, 0XA
  • Blade Is Horizontal
  • Tool Bit Capacity of Up to 1/2"
  • Hardened and Ground
  • Compatible with 0XA, or Series 000, Tool Post
Part Number: 3117
Weight: 0.61 lb

Price: $21.95

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Cut-off tool holder for 0XA, or series 000, quick change tool posts.

Holds 1/2" tall cut-off blades.

All working parts are hardened and ground.

This tool holder has 250-007T on it.

Chris Chris' Tips
The 0XA quick change tool post and the associated tool holders were developed by Tormach and in cooperation.

QC Cut-Off Tool Holder, 0XA, Tormach with half inch cut-off blade

"QC Cut-Off Tool Holder Universal Parting Blade Tool Holder showing pitch of cut-off blade.