Optical Center Punch, 6 Piece 

Optical Center Punch, 6 Piece
  • Accuracy to 0.002"
  • A bullseye lens and a cross hair lens target the punch location
  • Acrylic lens magnifier power is 9x
  • Includes sturdy storage case
  • Includes a 150 degree tempered steel center punch and a 60 degree tempered steel center punch
Part Number: 3186
Weight: 0.66 lb

Price: $64.95

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Even less experienced machinists can punch layout points to within 0.002" using this high power piloted center punch system.

The optical center punch is located over a scribed workpiece and adjusted until centered using the optics. The optical pilot is then removed and replaced by the punch. A tap marks the spot.

"Optical Center Punch Pieces in Kit
"Optical Center Punch Shown with Protecctive Case
"Optical Center Punch Protecctive Cork Bottom
"Optical Center Punch Two Acrylic Lens Magnifiers
"Optical Center Punch Two Steel Punches