Handwheel, X3 Mill 

Handwheel, X3 Mill
  • Handwheel for small mills
  • Fit SIEG X3 and SX3 class of mills
  • 120 mm outside diameter
  • Fits 12 mm shaft with a 4 mm key
  • Bore is 25 mm, handle threading is M8
Part Number: 3354
Weight: 1.77 lb

Price: $39.95

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This handwheel is used on the Y- and Z-axis of the X3/SX3 small mill.

The handwheel is 120 mm in diameter. It mounts on a 12 mm shaft, with a 4 mm key. The length through the bore is 25 mm. There is an M8 threaded hole for a handle.

See Used On tab for reference to machines using this handwheel and the drawing number.

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