Cut-Off Tool Holder and HSS Blade 

Cut-Off Tool Holder and HSS Blade
  • Cut-off tool holder for mini lathe
  • P1 cut-off blade
  • The tool holder has a 3/8 shank.
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This cut-off, or parting, tool holder fits in the standard 4-way tool post (and most other tool posts) and holds 1/2" tall cut-off blades.

1/16" x 1/2" x 4-1/2" M2 HSS cut-off blade. These T-shape parting blades provide great side clearance.

This mini lathe tool holder is made of steel and has a 3/8 shank.

Chris Chris' Tips
Here's how this cut-off tool holder is used.

P-type cut-off (or parting) blades are T-shaped (don't ask). Because the body of the tool is narrower than the cutting tip, friction is reduced making the difficult task of parting off somewhat easier.

Size P1 blades are 1/16" wide and are the most commonly-used size. P1N blades are 0.040" wide. These thinner blades are good for small work. P1X blades are 5/64" wide. Use these thicker blades for parting off larger diameters where you need additional stiffness.

It is easier to part off large diameters if you cut a groove that is wider than the cut-off blade. First, make a cut about 0.100" deep. Now back out and move over at least 0.010". Cut in again, widening the slot. Continue with this cut until you are 0.100" deeper than the first slot. Repeat this process, moving back and forth, until you are through.