Pin Vise, 0.010 - 0.055", StarrettMade in United States

Pin Vise, 0.010 - 0.055", Starrett
  • Special tapered collet, provides maximum clamping surface
  • Smaller body diameter than the chuck to allow fast opening and closing and rapid rotation
  • Provides rapid rotation between the thumb and finger when used on small work
  • Starrett Catalog Number 240A
Part Number: 3881
Weight: 0.03 lb

Price: $30.50

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Starrett pin vises are useful for securely holding small stock, taps, drills, reamers, scribers, wire, small files, and other tools. The jaws on all are hardened and with a few turns of the binding nut, a firm grip may be obtained. Handles and binding nuts are nickel-plated except for the No. 166 Series.

A hole extends through the full length of the handles so that wires of any length and any diameter up to the full size of the tool can be held.

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