SpillMaster ContainerMade in United States

SpillMaster Container
  • Avoid workbench spills
  • Holds cutting fluids and lubricants
  • Will NOT spill, even when upside down
  • Durable polyethylene for long life
  • Spill proof container includes applicator brush
Part Number: 3896
Weight: 0.20 lb

Price: $10.95

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The SpillMaster is a great way to keep cutting fluid handy on your workbench. The included acid brush makes application easy.

*NOTE* SpillMasters come with Red, Blue, and White tops. We ship the colors randomly based on availability. If you want a particular color, put a note in the Special Instructions box on your order. We'll accommodate your request if we have that color in stock.

SpillMaster Container - brush in container" Brush in Container
SpillMaster Container - Blue Container" Blue Container
SpillMaster Container - Packaging" Packaging
SpillMaster Container - Product Instructions" Product Instructions