Belt, Timing SX2 Mini Mills 

Belt, Timing SX2 Mini Mills
  • 350-5M-15 Timing Belt
  • 70 Teeth
  • 350mm Pitch Length
  • 5mm Pitch
  • 15mm Width
Part Number: 4015
Weight: 0.05 lb

Price: $12.83

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Timing Belt for the HiTorque mini mill models 3900, 3960, 3990 and 4190. This belt also fits MicroLux 84630, SIEG SX2, SX2L & SX2LF, and BusyBee CX612 mini mills.

The belt is a 350-5M-15 (350mm pitch length, 5mm pitch, 15mm width) with 70 teeth.

See the Used On data for drawing number for each machine.