Mist Coolant System, Lite Duty 4691  (Discontinued)Made in United States

Mist Coolant System, Lite Duty
  • Kool Mist model 80S 90 Degree
  • 4" long 90 degree nozzle.
  • Adjustable coolant nozzles and 2' coolant hose
Part Number: 4691  (Discontinued)
Weight: 5.00 lb

Price: $89.00

These models are to be used with your own tank. The Lite Duty models are best used in production operations that require minimal set up changes. This is the least expensive model, but does not provide the flexibility to be moved quickly from machine to machine. Lite Duty models generate a very fine spray mist.

Simplest of the Systems: The controls of these units are mounted permanently to the machine, close to the operator and the cut.

No Coolant Tank Furnished: Coolant mix may be placed in any clean container that will not contaminate the coolant.

Coaxial Coolant Line: Coolant and compressed air are not mixed until they reach the nozzle. To overcome the need for dual lines, Kool Mist has developed a coaxial line, or a hose within a hose. Coolant line exteriors may be nylon braided for normal duty, or metal braided from protection from hot chips and abrasion.

Easy to Use Control: Output from each nozzle is regulated by a single knob on the control. Mist Spray may be turned on or off instantly to coordinate with the cutting cycle, and the spray mix made lean or rich as needed. Nozzle position can be a permanent mount or the flexible magnetic base. 90 degree nozzle.

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