Z-Axis Tool Height Setter, Digital 

Z-Axis Tool Height Setter, Digital
  • Easy to set "0" point with Large LCD display in inch/mm
  • Positioning accuracy is 0.0001" / 0.003 mm
  • Resolution: 0.00005"/0.001mm
  • IP66 Protective Rating
  • Steel contact surface with 0.002" flatness
Part Number: 5447
Weight: 1.04 lb

Price: $89.95

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Accurately and easily establish tool length offsets for CNC milling with this digital Z-Axis height setter. The large LCD display is easy to read (mm or inch) and the large contact face makes contact with multiple points of the cutter.

The 4 magnets on the base keeps the device from shifting. CR2032 battery included.

Resolution: 0.00005"/0.001mm.

IP66 Protective Rating.

Steel contact surface with 0.002" flatness.

Default setting height 2".

Range: 0.12". Accuracy: 0.0001"/Repeatability: ±0.0001"

Height of Spring Mounted Contact Face 2.07" (52.5 mm)
Diameter 2.17" (55.0 mm)
Overall Height 1.97" (50.0 mm)
Accuracy 0.001" (0.01 mm)
Resolution 0.0005" (0.01 mm)