Scale, Bluetooth DRO Magnetic 1 Meter 

Scale, Bluetooth DRO Magnetic 1 Meter
  • Includes 6 end cap mounts
  • Cut to required lengths
  • Aluminum frame and stainless cover protects magnetic scale
  • 8.5 x 16 mm (0.33 x 0.63") Cross section
Part Number: 5498
Weight: 0.74 lb

Price: $49.95

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Each one-meter section of magnetic scale includes six plastic end caps for mounting. When measuring a scale for cutting, measure the length of the aluminum channel before the end caps are installed. One meter (39") is enough for a three-axis DRO on most small mills.

The scale consists of an extruded aluminum channel with a magnetic strip in the channel. The magnetic strip is protected by a stainless strip. You simply cut the scale to the lengths you need and install the plastic end caps.

Measure the travel of your machine and cut the scales to the full travel plus 2.5". This allows for the width of the read head plus about 0.5" for over travel.

Chris Chris' Tips
Here are installation instructions for the Universal Bluetooth DRO.

What's it take to assemble a DRO?

5498 Scale, Magnetic 1 Meter One meter is usually enough for small mills. See Measuring for Scales below.
5499 Read Head, Magnetic Get as many of these as you have axes on your machine.
5501 Transceiver, Bluetooth This is the "sender" that talks to your Android Bluetooth phone or tablet.
5513 Android Tablet Any Android phone or tablet works as long as it has Bluetooth capability.