Insert, APKT1003 Square Shoulder 

Insert, APKT1003 Square Shoulder
  • Coated Carbide
  • 85° Parallelogram, 11° Relief
  • Double countersink / single-sided chip breaker
  • 0.265" (17/64") IC, 0.137" Thickness
  • 0.0156" (1/64") Radius
Part Number: 5582
Weight: 0.01 lb

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APKT1003 Square Shouldered carbide coated insert. Shape is an 85 degree parallelogram with an 11 degree relief. The center hole is a double countersink and there is a single-sided chip breaker.

It has an inscribed circle (IC) of 0.26" (17/64"), a thickness of 0.137", and a corner radius of 0.0156" (1/64").

This insert is grade XAF798 which is a combination of 2-4 um nc-TiAIN coating and ultra-fine carbide substrate of high strength and toughness.

It is suitable for milling from light to medium load and bore machining of all kinds of materials, turning of stainless steel from finishing to semi-finishing and roughing turning of high-temperature alloys. Also suitable for finishing operations under unstable cutting conditions with a light cutting force; and works better for intermittent cutting by providing a wide cutting zone for steel materials.

This is the correct insert for the indexable end mills: 5428, 5429, 5430, and 5929.